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CD Telemann for Bassoon

“Telemann for Bassoon”. Works by Georg Philip Telemann (1681-1767). Sonata in F Minor for bassoon and continuo; Fantasia Nos.1, 3, 8, & 10; Canonic Sonata No.2; Trio in F Major; Duo Sonata No.4 and Quartet in D Minor. C. Weait, bassoon, K. Jones, C. Kirchhoff, flutes, M. Barstow, ‘cello, and N. Harper, harpsichord. CD9520.


Weait - Beveling Jig

The WEAIT BEVELING JIG allows the reed maker to create an even Christlieb-style bevel on each side of both ends of the cane blank. It comes with an instruction sheet.
• Place the jig on a firm surface.
• Grasp the cane with thumb and forefinger on the blade area close to the ledge.
• Hold it gouged-side down with the butt end lined up half way along the V-cut.
Keep the cane at right-angles to the Jig and flat within the V-cut.
• Move the cane back and forth 8 or 10 times. Your fingers will limit the amount of
• Reverse the cane ends to do the other end.



Christopher Weait's music at other publishers

Weait's works previously available from BOCAL MUSIC and PRAIRIE DAWG PRESS are now published by WEAIT MUSIC

Weait's works previously available from EDITIONS VIENTO are now published by WEAIT MUSIC

Some works by Christopher Weait are only available through other publishers. You can find information on those works below.


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Sherman Oaks CA 91403
Tel: 818/906-7867
WEAIT - SUITE OF EARLY AMERICAN TUNES for four bassoons (11'45)

Publishing piano accompaniments

We are now publishing piano accompaniments for the following titles. Please view the main entries for more information:
- Weissenborn - Capriccio, Op.14 for solo bass clarinet and piano [0005J].
- Weait - Ringgold London Bridge for solo oboe, solo bassoon or bass clarinet and piano [0504B].
- Weait - Blue Bassoon for solo bassoon and piano [0512C].

"No-Hands" strap improvements

The popular No-Hands bassoon side strap has been improved with a quick release buckle.

CD 'Salute to America" A Tribute to Sousa Expert Paul Bierley with Keith Brion and His New Sousa Band

Keith Brion and His New Sousa Band perform an unforgettable Tribute to Sousa Expert Paul Bierley in this compact disc album "Salute to America". Live recording of the December 7, 2001 performance at Ohio State University celebrating the conferring of an honorary doctorate on Paul E. Bierley for his lifetime of work on the music of John Philip Sousa. The beautifully illustrated booklet includes program notes, biographies of the honoree, conductor and piccolo soloist Diana Powers, and a list of the band's personnel.



“I have found the Weait No-Hands system ideal for performance injury prevention and recovery. The easy-to-use strap releases all weight from the left hand allowing the bassoon to balance without any assistance from the performer. This crucial element of weight and counter-balance removed from the left hand provides injured players the opportunity to continue practicing with no pain!

Making a Bassoon Reed (DVD)

A two DVD set with a close-up, detailed, step-by-step demonstration of the reed making process using gouged, shaped and profiled (GSP) cane for beginners or advanced players. Making a bassoon reed from gouged, shaped and profiled (GSP) cane saves the cost of purchasing a shaper and profiler, saves preparation time and reduces wastage of material.

The video trailer above, is a two minute excerpt from the two DVD set. The DVD content exceeds 100 minutes.

DVD1: Making a Reed from GSP Cane (68 minutes)
DVD2: Finishing and Fine-tuning a Reed (43 minutes)
ISBN: 978-0-9830034-1-0



Four Centuries of Music for Bassoon with Christopher Weait (33rpm, vinyl LP never played)

A pristine Canadian pressing released by Pyramid Records in 1974 (Pyramid Stereo 102). Philipp Friederich Böddecker (1615 - 1683) Sonata sopra 'la Monica" (1651) for bassoon, violin and continuo, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1773 - 1845) Sonata in D Minor, Op. 40/1 (1732) for bassoon and cello, Francois Renè Gebauer (1773 - 1845) Trio in B-flat, Op. 33/3 for bassoon, violin and 'cello, and Christopher Weait (1939) Variations for Solo Bassoon (1972). Christopher Weait, bassoon, Margaret Barstow, violoncello, Morry Kernerman, violin, George Brough, harpsichord.


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Weait - Tango for bassoon and piano (2'15)

This very short tango is in F minor with a middle section in C major. The range is limited: from second space C (C3) to E-flat above middle C (E-flat 4). The piano part is not difficult. The 4/4 meter is mostly divided into eighth notes in 3 + 3 + 2 patterns.


Weait - Five More First Solos for bassoon and piano

Five More First Solos contains easy music for new bassoonists. the solos are a bit more challenging than those in "The First Six Bassoon Solos" [1218A]. The range is from low F (F2) to fifth-line A natural (A3). The piano parts are easy. Meters used are 2/4, 3/4 cut time and 6/8. In addition to whole notes, half notes and quarter notes, eighths, sixteenths and dotted rhythms are used.
No.7 Andantino (0'35) in 6/8 meter
No.8 Moderato (1'35) in Cut time
No.9 Bass Line Minuet (1'15) in 3/4 meter
No.10 Sad March (2'05) Adagio in 2/4
No.11 Happy March(1'10) in 6/8 meter


Weissenborn - Capriccio. Op. 14 transcribed for solo bassoon and strings (6'40 or 5'30)

Here is the Capriccio, Op. 14 by Christian Julius Weissenborn (1849 - 1888) in a transcription for string quintet or string orchestra. A cut is possible from measure 181 to measure 442 to reduce the work from 6'40 to 5'30.


Canadian Folksong - When the Shantyboy Comes Down for bassoon and piano (1'30)

This is a rollicking setting of a folk song from the Canadian Maritimes. Shantyboys were lumbermen who lived in shanties in the woods and "came down" to town after being paid for their work. It is dedicated to Laurie Hendren. The music also appears as the first movement of "Three Canadian Folk Songs for bassoon and band".


Weait - POP! Goes the Weasel for double reed quartet (3'40)

POP! Goes the Weasel is a winning selection for children's concerts and other programs where light hearted pieces will be welcome. It is often performed by OBOHIO. The set of score and parts is for either 2 oboes, English horn & bassoon or oboe, oboe d'amore, English horn & bassoon. Parts are provided for both instrumentations.